3 Benefits of Composite Manhole Covers

Manhole covers

Working with manholes, many will tell you there is certainly a difference in types of manholes, their covers, and rings. It’s a simple fact that some products and materials are simply better at getting the job done, and composite manhole covers are a great example of a superior product. They have a huge amount of benefits, so check out a few of the reasons you should be investing!

Less Theft

Most people outside of — and even sometimes inside of — the business don’t understand what a big issue manhole theft is. It’s not just in other countries either, it happens in America quite a bit as well! People usually steal them for the scrap value. However, composite manhole covers don’t have any scrap value, which may be able to end theft once and for all!


Manhole covers need to be durable in order to protect the systems underneath. They often endure the weight of traffic, whether it’s pedestrian or vehicular, they need to be able to endure. Composite covers are some of the best material you can invest in. They even come in different class types so that you can choose the right fit for your use

Manhole Events Reduced

Manhole events are the classification for accidents involving anything from puffs of smoke coming out of a manhole cover to a short-circuit, to an explosion sending the cover — which weighs anywhere from 70 to 300 pounds — into the air. In New York City, about 3,369 events were recorded according a 2014 report from the Consolidated Edison Company. Of those events, 32 were explosions. Generally, events can happen anytime of year, but they are especially common in the summer thanks to increased electricity from AC units.

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