3 Influences That Have Shaped Your Local Contemporary Furniture Store

Dellarobbia furniture va

As you may well know, furniture trends and styles are continuously changing. Every year there seems to be an entirely new line of products that weren?t available the year before and each new piece has something unique to offer consumers. But have you ever taken a moment to consider how far various products have come in the last century? Visit your local contemporary furniture store and you?ll see what we mean.

These days, there?s a selection of high end contemporary furniture that?s come to be known as ?modern furniture.? This merely refers to the original furniture that was created in the late 19th century and how it?s been impacted by today?s modernistic fashions. You may have seen and recognized the sleek fabrics and straight lines that define several of the top modern furniture brands found in a contemporary furniture store, but have you ever considered their origins? There have been a number of cultures that have had major influences on our modern home furniture and not many are recognized for their ingenuity.

Here are the top three civilizations that have had the most impact on the modern furniture we use today:

  • Medieval Nobleman

    The chair was used by the noblemen of this era, primarily in the form of a throne. In fact, the word ?chairman? was coined to describe those who were privileged enough to sit in a chair. Lower classmen were reduced to sitting in backless stools or floor mats.
  • Egyptians

    The first sofa can be dated back to Egypt in 2000 B.C. It comes from the Arabic word for ?bench? and was used mainly as a daybed. These pieces of furniture were strategically placed around pools and patios to provide a shaded place for the royals or upper classmen to recline.
  • Greeks

    The dining table can be traced back to historical Greece and Rome. This piece of furniture was built low to the ground so that it could be conveniently placed under the bed when not in use and offered a comfortable height for cultures who preferred to recline on cushions during a meal.

Modern furniture has come a long way over the years, with its unique designs and colorful fabrics. Discover something new about the furniture you use every day by visiting a local contemporary furniture store! Who knows, you may learn something you never knew before.

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