4 Animals Known to Cause Lawn Damage

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Every homeowner wants to have a lawn that looks great. Unfortunately, there are many dangers that can cause a lawn to become damaged. In some cases, animals are known to cause a few common situations involving lawn damage. The good news about your lawn is that it is resilient to multiple types of damage. If you’re dealing with any of the upcoming problems, it’s wise to call the help of lawn care services. Here are four animals that are known to cause lawn damage and what to do to stop it.

  1. Beetles

    In particular, Japanese beetles are known to cause a lot of damage to lawns. You’ll mainly find these beetles in eastern parts of the United States. One misconception is that when you’ve seen beetles, your lawn is already doomed. Luckily, there are treatments provided by lawn care services that can help rid your lawn of a beetle problem. The sooner you have beetles taken care of, the less overall damage they’ll do to your lawn.
  2. Dogs

    Many of us have dogs within our homes as pets. Unfortunately, dog urine contains chemicals that can be harmful to grass. Of course, your dog still needs to use the bathroom while outside. You’ll want to start training your dog to use the bathroom that isn’t directly on the lawn. Many pet owners implement mulch patches on the side of the yard where animals can urinate. In some cases, watering the lawn where an animal has deposited waste may help reduce lawn damage. There are products you can purchase to reduce urine burn on your lawn. If urine damage has become out of control, you’ll want to call a company providing lawn care services.
  3. Bill Bugs

    It’s common to see many bugs crawling around a lawn. You’ll want to be aware that certain bugs are a direct threat to your lawn. bill bugs regularly lay eggs inside of grass blades. Over time, these eggs develop and grass becomes damaged, changing to a brown color. You might think that lowering the height of your lawn is the best solution for getting of bill bugs. However, it best to have a more dense lawn to absorb rain which helps to prevent run off.
  4. Moles

    You’ll immediately notice signs that your lawn may have a mole problem. Moles travel throughout the ground, using animals along the way as a food source. A lawn that has moles traveling through it will often have paths of damaged grass and large holes in your yard. One step to have a naturally healthy lawn again is to use mole repellent. You’ll want to enlist the help of lawn care services in order to restore the beauty of your yard.

In closing, there are several animals that are known to cause damage to your lawn. The Japanese beetle is notorious for causing massive damage to a lawn. Many homeowners love having a dog as a loyal companion. You’ll want to try and treat your lawn after a dog urinates. However, if the lawn isn’t retaining its color, it’s best to train the dog to use a different area of the yard for urination. Bill bugs are known to lay eggs within areas of a lawn which causes grass to discolor and become damaged. Moles are another animal known to damage lawns. Lawn care services will work to ensure every nuisance is removed from your yard.

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