4 of the Strangest Things Ever Found in Houses

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After looking at all the different local houses for sale, going through the rigmarole of actually buying a house, and finally moving in, most homeowners assume that the worst part of the deal is done. However, some sellers try to make quick home sales, and (hopefully) inadvertently leave some rather strange things behind that people find after buying a house.

Here are just a few of the weirdest things new homeowners have found.

A Full-Floor Monopoly Board.

After buying a house in California, a couple decided to renovate the 1930s bungalow, pulling up the bedroom carpet to find a full-floor Monopoly board. While they did manage to play a game on it, they decided to paint over it and add new carpeting.


Back in the day, there was a razor disposal slot in the old medicine cabinet, which emptied directly into a wall cavity. So when new homeowners decided to renovate, they discovered a literal wall full of razor blades when they knocked it down.

A Great Depression Stash.

Sometimes, contractors come in to work on homes for sale to make them sell more quickly. In Ohio, contractor Bob Kitts discovered $182,000 that’d been stashed there during the Great Depression. The homeowner offered him 10%, but Kitts wanted 40% a little fairly. However, after the story broke the news, the original home owner — a wealthy businessman who’d hidden the money — filed a claim as well. Ultimately, each only received a fraction of the find.


Hiding cats in walls is an ancient practice meant to ward off evil spirits. In the United Kingdom, buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries are chock full of mummified cats. The most famous incident of discovering cats happened in Pendle, Lancashire, where a mummified cat was discovered in a cottage that purportedly was the meeting location of one of England’s most infamous witch covens.

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