4 Shopping Tips for Furnishing Your Home

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Your home?s furniture serves multiple purposes. Not only is it a design piece that completes the overall look of your house, but it also provides comfort and relaxation. Your furniture will seat your guests when entertaining, it will be your refuge after a long workday, and it will be the play you cuddle up and watch TV all day on the weekends. Because the furniture serves so many purposes, it is important to take some time in selecting the perfect pieces. Remember these shopping trips as you begin your search for the perfect furniture.

Choose a style
Choosing a style will help you to narrow down your shopping choices. If you are going for an overall modern look, you might do the majority of your shopping at the nearest modern furniture store. If you prefer leather furniture pieces, a specific American leather furniture store or leather modern furniture store might be ideal. High end contemporary furniture can be found at higher end stores. Modern furniture refers to furniture produced from the late 19th century through today that is influenced by the modernist style. There are many different furniture and overall room design styles to choose from.

Choose something that fits within your space
Finding the perfect couch is pointless if it will not even fit into your living room. Always know your room dimensions and ideal size of furniture before shopping. This will also speed up the process as you can narrow down your shopping choices, based on size. Additionally, many online modern furniture stores allow you to shop specifically by size. If you plan on having other types of furniture in the same room, such as a coffee table, chairs, love seats, or end tables, you might want to go with a smaller couch. Too much furniture can make it difficult to navigate and can make the room feel smaller and more cluttered.

Have a separate sitting room, if possible
Designer furniture tends to not be as comfortable. Even if it is made with the best materials and cushioning, you may not feel comfortable using it because of its cost. If you want to fill your home with designer contemporary furniture that has a high price tag, consider having a separate sitting room. Fill the sitting room with your best cool modern furniture pieces for entertaining and have a different family room for family use. Traditionally, separating the sitting room and the family room has been a common practice for years.

In 1961, in the first edition of an architectural manual called Lessons of Architecture, Charles Augustin d?Aviler drew a distinction between a home?s more formal spaces and those that were le plus habite, literally the most lived in, giving rise to the idea of the living room as we know it today. Living rooms tend to see a lot of foot traffic, so separating your modern furniture pieces can be very helpful.

Don?t be afraid of statement pieces
Part of the modern movement is the existence of statement pieces. While much of the room is traditional and contains neutral colors, there are usually one or two statement pieces. This could be a bright piece of artwork on the wall or a large sitting chair in a bold and shocking color. Many modern furniture stores sell a variety of statement pieces. Use your statement pieces to showcase a favorite color or design and to make your room feel personal.

We spend a lot of time relaxing in our homes. Depending on your current home setup, you might even spend many hours per week on your couch. We get the word couch from an Old French term meaning to recline. To some, this could mean that the couch is meant to recline and relax. You can still have your favorite modern furniture pieces, while also having the relaxation and comfort you desire. Buy contemporary furniture pieces that speak to you and always keep comfort in mind.

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