5 Jobs that Do Not Require Sitting at a Desk

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Not everyone is made to sit behind a desk and work a corporate job. There are people out there who actually hate those kinds of jobs and no matter how hard they try, can never seem to be able to make them last. If you are one of those people and you think you are never going to be able to get a job where you can stay moving and get some real work done, then you have come to the right place. This article is going to list several jobs where you will never once have to sit behind a desk, not even to file a report.

Construction Worker
The closest thing to a desk you’ll find here is whatever you use to lean on when you sign for incoming materials, fill out accident reports, etc. This is usually a co-workers back, crane pads or anything else that is stacked up next to you. While your pile of crane pads is not going to make the best desk, you can guarantee that you won’t have to do much writing so it’ll do just fine for what you need. Using crane pads or the side of a machine to write on, will help to reinforce that you are a labor worker and not a desk worker and you’ll be grateful for that every day.

Nurses are constantly running and on their feet. There are even tablets and computers on counter height desks and tables that you can do your charting on if you prefer not to sit down. Granted, you will need a break and sitting down will be a welcome rest but if you don’t want a desk, then take the tablet to the break room or scoot into the nurse’s station to do your charting. There’s no reason why you ever have to come in contact with a desk when you’re a nurse. If you have to do any writing, there are plenty of clipboards for you to write on while you’re walking around.

Hair Stylist
Hair styling can be rewarding but this is one job where you don’t get a break. There is sometimes down time while a client is processing, so you usually have to consider those your break. If you want to sit, it’ll be during that time. Even eating lunch will happen on your feet usually. If you don’t have a receptionist, you may have to sit briefly behind the counter to check people in, book appointments and collect payment but there is no ‘desk job’ available when you are a hair stylist. You are expected to keep moving.

Talk about constantly moving. When a cleaner is finished cleaning the office, school or home that they are assigned to, the job is done and they can leave. From the moment you enter the establishment that you need to clean to the second you leave, you’ll be wiping, dusting, scrubbing, vacuuming, spraying, mopping, sweeping, swiping and more. Did you hear anything in there that could be misconstrued as sitting down at a desk? Not at all. There are no desks or writing of any kind involved in the job of a cleaner or janitor.

Film Director
The only chair a director has to sit in is that little black director chair that you’ve seen on movie sets. While the computers and screens and such may be on a table, this is not the typical ‘sitting behind a desk to work.’ The director doesn’t do editing so there goes having to sit with a computer and desk.

Some of these ideas might be a little outside the box for you. Some of them require some schooling to be able to get into the field but some of them could be started right away. Some of them don’t require school but require some sort of course or class, like being a construction worker; you’ll probably have to sit through some sort of protection and safety class where you’ll look about safety outrigger crane pads and ground protection mats and protective apparel. However, once the class or schooling is complete, you’ll never have to worry about sitting at a desk again.

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