5 Ways to Glam Up the Least Glamorous Room in Your Home

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Let’s face it: The bathroom isn’t the most glamorous room in the house. It’s generally thought of as a practical room, one you don’t want to spend too much time in. But, believe it or not, it’s actually possible to turn your bathroom into a showpiece without a total overhaul. It can even be done relatively quickly and inexpensively in many cases, since most bathrooms are quite small. Here are five easy ways to glam up your bathroom without spending tens of thousands of dollars on a complete renovation:

  1. Ditching the Drab Paint Color

    Most bathrooms are painted in boring colors like taupe (with the exception of kids’ bathrooms, which are often painted in blindingly bright colors). You’ll be surprised by how much you can improve the look of the bathroom with just a gallon of paint. Choose either a more sophisticated neutral, like dove gray, or a bright contemporary color, like teal. Both will make even standard white tile and white tubs and toilets stand out — in a good way.

  2. Jewelry-Like Faucets and Fixtures

    You may not want to spend money on a new tub, shower or sink. But you can give all of those a facelift just by changing the fixtures to something with a bit more personality. You might be surprised to find how many options there are, from crystal-topped tub faucets to hand-painted porcelain handles.

  3. Switching Out Standard Mirrors

    A rectangular, wall-mounted mirror or standard medicine cabinet lets you see yourself, but doesn’t do much decor-wise. There are numerous ways to make mirrors more interesting, from replacing rectangular mirrors with oval ones to painting the mirror frame. You can even go for the look of custom bathroom vanities by integrating your mirror into your countertop so that they become one piece of furniture rather than separate elements.

  4. Bath and Beauty Product Displays

    Instead of letting your bath and beauty products just clutter up the bathroom counter, arrange them as if they were being displayed in a store. Multi-tiered dessert platters are great when it comes to keeping hairpins, brushes and accessories tidy, and glass jars and jewelry trays can help keep makeup organized and looking beautiful.

  5. Custom Wood Bathroom Cabinets

    If you really want a big impact, custom wood bathroom cabinets are the way to go. Custom cabinetry is a good investment because it can hide what you don’t want seen (toilet paper, plunger, dirty laundry, etc.) while putting the focus on what you do want seen (candles, bath salts, luxurious bath linens, etc.). Like to keep some reading material handy? Custom made cabinets can even incorporate custom built bookshelves so you won’t just have a stack of books or magazines sitting on the floor by the toilet — after all, that’s not very glamorous.

Would you have thought to splurge on custom wood bathroom cabinets, or will you be sticking to something a bit easier to DIY, like changing the paint? Join the discussion in the comments.

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