7 Tips to Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

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Wen remodeling or decluttering, trying to find space in a small bathroom can be a trying experience. Below are some ways to take advantage of the space you have.

  1. Custom bathroom vanities Custom bathroom vanities are used for many things. Some use them for a make up station but some use them to store extra towels, washcloths and bath mats, or even in place of under the sink storage.
  2. Hanging wine rack These can be used as a classy way to store towels. If you roll up your towel you can slide the towel into the rack. This allows easy access to clean towels. It’s also a great way to save space compared to putting a basket on the floor or overusing your already full cabinets.
  3. Over the cabinet hangers These are little baskets that hook over your cabinet door. They help you take advantage of the room in the very front of the cabinet without shutting off access to what is in the back of the cabinet. You can have these custom made to fit your cabinet door as many times, small bathrooms have small cabinets and a regular over the door hanger is to big.
  4. Custom wood cabinets Speaking of cabinets, having your cabinets custom made to fit your bathroom is the best way to take advantage of your space. First, figure out what you will be keeping in these cabinets so that you can take the correct measurements without over doing it and making the cabinets to large.
  5. Stackable baskets Using baskets that stack on top of one other while still allowing you access to the items inside is a great way to take advantage of your vertical space. Generally, you want to look for baskets that dip down in the front so you can easily grab something from them when needed without having to unstack them.
  6. Shelves Getting shelves for your walls is imperative for a small bathroom. However, rather than using them for decoration, make them functional. This doesn’t mean they aren’t going to be pretty. Get some small wicker baskets to keep toothbrushes and hair stuff and make up in, rather than the keeping them on the counter space. This will free up your counter space, making it appear that you have more room. Just don’t forget the smelly candles!
  7. Keep the floor free This last tip isn’t so much about what you can use and what NOT to use. In a small bathroom you want to keep as many things as possible off the floor. Keep cleaning supplies under the sink with the toilet paper; keep the laundry basket in the bedrooms or laundry room if you have one; install a toilet paper holder on to the wall rather than a free standing one and forego the magazine holder. The more walking space you have, the better it will feel.

Having a small bathroom does not mean it has to be crowded and unbecoming. There are many examples on the internet of great looking bathrooms that are very small. If it takes as big a job as getting custom bathroom vanities or as small as moving your cleaning supplies to the kitchen cupboard, following these tips will help you enjoy your bathroom again! What other ways would you help your bathroom?

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