A Brief Overview of Accessing Groundwater Through Water Wells

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Were you aware that only one percent of all Earth’s water is suitable for drinking or other human purposes? The remaining water on the planet is too salty, otherwise undrinkable due to contaminates, or contained within the ice caps.

Estimates indicate that there are 2.78 million trillion gallons of groundwater over the entire Earth. This amounts to 30.1 percent of the entire planet’s freshwater.

Being able to access this groundwater is essential for a variety of obvious reasons. Americans alone use approximately 100 gallons of water a day and 100,000 gallons a year. As a result, there are over 15 million households that depend on private wells that are able to access and provide ground water.

While wells can be drilled over 1,000 feet, and water pumps have the capacity to pump water for hundreds of feet, there are issues with lifting water higher than thirty feet below the pump. As a result, shallow wells are operated with hand pumps and deeper wells are operated with electric pumps.

After wells are constructed, the owner is responsible for maintaining the well. An integral aspect of well maintenance is preventing surface water and foreign materials from entering the well. This is because surface water and other materials potentially contain contaminates that can adversely affect both the well and the aquifer.

When new wells are dug, it is vital to have water well sealing to ensure the water’s quality is maintained. According to the American Groundwater Trust (AGT), this basically means that the area between the well casing and the annulus, or drilled hole, is sealed off. The AGT also states that there should be a vermin-proof vented cap within the well casing.

Each state has its own well drilling regulations. When you are planning to have a new well dug, it’s important to contact the proper authorities. According to AGT, these authorities would usually include the state water well board as well as the local environmental protection agency. When you contact well drilling services in your county, however, they will most likely be aware of the appropriate regulations.

When you have the best well digging services, you know that they will take special care to provide the appropriate water well sealing. After your water well has been dug, and the water well sealing is completed, you may be interested in having water tanks installed as well.

If your home has a basement, then you will want to make sure that you take the proper steps to avoid damage and health issues as a result of flooding. This can occur during storm season, as a result of burst pipes, or another type of issue. If you don’t have a sump pump yet, you may want to consider having a basement sump pump installation.

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