A Few of the Bathroom Customization Options Available for You Today

Whirlpool shower baths

All your life you have used bathrooms, but have you ever thought about how they can be made unique? Here are three ways you can make your bathroom suit you better:

1. Walk in Tubs

One of the big setbacks to a debilitating injury that you might not think of is the potential loss of the capability to use normal bathroom fixtures independently. Fortunately, modern design has sought to avoid these issues with walk in baths. Walk in tubs are designed with doors that open inward and outward, making a watertight seal each time, providing easy access for the movement impaired. They restore a modicum of independence to those who have had so much taken away from them. Even if you aren’t injured in that way, you can still choose…

2. Your Ideal Method of Flushing

Toilets come in all shapes and sizes, but one common decision that has to be made with them is how they clear the bowl. Two common choices are gravity fed toilets and pressurized toilets. The former is cheaper initially, but the latter saves money over time because of its more efficient use of water that would eventually offset the cost. Depending on how you want to budget your money and what style you want your bathroom to function with, either one may be a valid choice. If economy is something you’re looking for, though, perhaps you might be interested in…

3. A Private Entrance to the Privy for Each Person

Oftentimes houses are built with bathrooms having an egress to the hallway for multiple rooms, but a more efficient use of space is to simply have a bathroom connect to the multiple rooms concerned with it. Jack and Jill bathrooms are designed with two doors leading to two separate bedrooms to minimize on bathrooms and the need to have the bathroom connect to the hallway. How will you customize your bathroom? Check out this site for more: www.mansfieldplumbing.com

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