Are you Considering a New Home Purchase in the Next Five Years?

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Do you find yourself looking at the new homes for sale section of the Sunday paper every week? Has your family completely outgrown the starter home you and your spouse moved into just after getting married? Have you recently received a significant and unexpected amount of money that you are looking to invest? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it might be time to start looking at options for building a new home.

Energy efficiency alone could be enough of a reason to consider construction of dream homes almost anywhere in the country. Building trend experts predict that by the year 2018, 84% of new single-family home building will employ green practices. Building green is a trend that is so popular that over 62% of companies building new single-family homes report they are doing more than 15% of their projects in an environmentally friendly format. Newer homes in America are 30% larger but are constructed to consume about as much energy as older homes. These new homes consumed an average of 21% less energy for space heating than older homes. Building trends and technology advances can help you put your real estate dollars into a larger more efficient home instead of spending your money on the wasteful energy costs of your current home.

In addition to energy savings, home builders are able to provide new home buyers with a more sustainable, lower maintenance home. For example, of the 429,000 single-family homes sold in 2013, over one fourth of them installed vinyl siding as the main type of exterior wall material. Only 12,000 used wood. A maintenance free exterior helps sustain the look of your new home, while also saving you money in repainting and repairing costs.

Spending money on extensive additions and costly repairs to an older home is an option for some families who absolutely do not want to move or leave their current neighborhood. If, however, your family is willing to look at new homes for sale, it is very possible that you could be living in a much larger, and much more energy efficient new home for the same amount of money that you are spending now. New homes provide owners the opportunity to build from scratch a house that meets all of the needs of your growing family, while serving as a worthwhile financial investment that can build equity for you in the many years to come.

The new homes for sale section of the weekend newspaper might provide you with the motivation you need to improve your current living style.

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