Are You Getting Ready to Buy and Furnish Your First Home?

Contemporary furniture dc

You are making some big plans.
With college graduation just a few months away and your first job using your major, you are looking forward to the next phase in your life. Blessed with a degree that was paid for with a number of scholarships, you are one of the few among your friends who is starting the first job without the burden of paying of student loans. Learning to live frugally in college has prepared you for a life of moderation.
Even though you had a roommate your first year in college, you have been able to afford the extra fee that goes along with a single dorm room and you have discovered that you like living alone. You are neat. You are organized. Most importantly, you are a great hostess who has a real knack for letting your visitors know when you need to study or rest. Armed with this special set of skills, you are making some big plans for your move out of the dorm. With some money that has been unused because of your scholarships, along with a generous gift from your parents, you have narrowed your choices down to a couple of different small condos that you intend to buy. The monthly payments are not much more than area apartment rents and investing in a property seems like a good idea instead of paying someone else rent.
You do not plan to go crazy buying a whole condo full of contemporary furniture pieces, but you have a definite style that you like. The decision to buy contemporary furniture one or two pieces at a time will allow you to slowly replace a few things you had in the dorm with some more versatile and quality pieces. It will take time, but you know that you would rather buy contemporary furniture that will last than settle for lower quality purchases that might not even make it a year.
You have a very specific color scheme that you like so that helps you narrow down your choices whenever you have saved enough to buy contemporary furniture pieces that you will add to your new home. You have to finish this last round of classes, but the opportunity to move from the small dorm room where you have stayed because it was part of your scholarship package is a real motivator!
How to Buy Contemporary Furniture on a Budget
Many people go through the phase of buying furniture and storage pieces because they are cheap. The decision to make a quick cheap purchase, in fact, is often very difficult to avoid. At some point, however, many people make the decision that they want to invest in quality rather than quality. For instance, the would rather slowly purchase pieces of high end contemporary furniture than waste their money on pieces of lesser quality that will not last. Top modern furniture brands, for example, often come with stain resistant furniture and substantial manufacturer’s warranties. Consider some of this information when you prepare to select pieces for your new or current home:

  • “Modern furniture” typically refers to any furniture produced from the late 19th century through today. Some of the more expensive pieces are specifically styled to represent a particular designer’s elements of clean lines and simple fabrics.
  • For the most part, the modernism movement in both art and design features an interesting mix of discontinuity, disruption, and the unexpected. Traditional values and realism are typically avoided.
  • Characterized by straight, simple, clean lines and fabrics, modernist furniture often gives a room a light and airy look. It is the exact opposite of the more traditional furniture designs that in comparison seem rather heavy, ornately decorated, or ostentatious.
  • Two of the earliest schools of modern furniture design were the American Arts and Crafts movement and the Bauhaus movement, which originated in Germany.
  • The philosophy of 20th century Modernism has also had a significant effect on art, music, and culture, as well as design. Rather than referring to the shift toward Modernism as an evolution, it is more often called a revolution.
  • Perhaps more than any other style, modernism allows a home owner to select pieces that cater to both personal tastes and preferences, including a touch of carefree whimsy!

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