Beautify Your Yard the Eco-Friendly Way with an Organic Lawn Service

Lawncare treatment

Each year, Americans spend approximately $700 million on lawncare, namely for pesticides. While pesticides and some herbicides are considered the accepted method for lawncare in the U.S., they have several negative effects that not too many people know about. Conventional lawn pesticides not only kill bugs, but they also degrade soil quality and have the potential to harm humans and other wildlife.

However, homeowners can turn to another solution in order to keep their lawns beautiful, and it won’t have the same negative effects on the ecosystem. By using an organic lawn service, which offers organic lawncare products for a pesticide free yard, homeowners can keep their lawns green without harming the environment.

Are you gearing up for summer and researching local lawncare businesses? Here are three reasons to consider trying an organic lawn service this year:

    1. Organic lawncare treatments are safe for everyone. Ever see those signs placed in yards after chemical pesticides have been sprayed? They urge you and your children and pets to keep off the grass, so you don’t spread the chemicals around. Chemical pesticides can easily make you sick if they are accidentally ingested, but with organic lawncare, you won’t have to worry about these harmful chemicals in your yard or entering your home.

    2. Organic lawn services are good for the environment. Traditional pesticides and herbicides can cause a host of problems for the environment. They are unsafe for animals that may accidentally consume plants treated with these chemicals. Pesticides can also seep into groundwater, which can cause problems with local water supplies. Each year, pesticides are responsible for approximately one million deaths each year, so it is important to avoid contributing further to this pollution.

    3. Organic lawncare services are just as good as, if not better than, conventional chemicals. Homeowners who use organic lawncare services report that they see no difference between the conventional and organic treatments. With that in mind, isn’t it worth it to choose the option that presents less harm to the planet and keeps your lawn beautiful?

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