Checklist for Spring Remodeling

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If you are a homeowner who lives on the East coast, then you are probably excited for the arrival of spring and the end of a long winter. This also means that it is time to begin warm weather projects and to clean and do some regular maintenance at your home. This is a common time for people to call concrete contractors and look into their options for installing concrete driveways, because it’s best to work with cement stain when temperatures are warmer, ideally about 70 degrees.

A typical driveway is about 800 square feet, so you should get started at the beginning of the season as it can take a while to get the job done. If you want to know more about everything you should do before you install a new driveway and look into concrete stencils, keep reading for an overview of a simple checklist to help you get everything done.

Consider simply getting your driveway repaired
It’s nice to have a new driveway, but one of the best benefits of modern technology and newer installation methods is the option to repair concrete driveways to look as good as new, and this also costs less than redoing the whole thing and installing a completely new driveway. Look into concrete stencils as a great way to add a personal touch to your driveway that will give your home a unique feel that is sure to earn you compliments from friends and family.

Talk to several contractors
This is actually really the best way to get a solid and honest price because when you talk to a lot of people you can compare what they say and decide what the best deal is. Most homeowners are not experts on concrete driveways so it can be difficult to know if you are getting a good deal or not. If you talk to a lot of companies then you will quickly and easily be able to tell who is trying to get a good deal and who is trying to charge a lot of extra money.

Find out what the cost will be
The average cost of concrete stencils and driveway installation is about $3,500 which is a significant investment for most people. Some customers are able to complete the job for as little as $2,000, while at the high end it can cost up to $6,000. Find out what the average cost is in your area. The cost depends on factors like the difficulty of installation, the size of your driveway, skill level of the contractor and how much time needs to be invested.

Estimate how long it will take for installation
Remember that during installation your driveway will be totally out of commission which means that you may have to park on the street or even on your lawn if street parking is not available. This can be a real inconvenience so make sure you set a timeline and find a contractor who can stick to it.

Ask about options for different types of materials
Concrete might sounds like a boring material that covers every time of mixed up cement, but this is actually not the case. Modern materials science has facilitated the development of newer types of concrete that are more durable, so ask your contractor about these.

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