Choose Gorgeous Ceramic Tile for a Bathroom Upgrade

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In a recent survey, about 60% of respondents indicated they planned to soon remodel their master bathroom. Choosing the right ceramic tile for a bathroom upgrade can feel intimidating. However, if you know where to focus your attention it can be an enjoyable experience that will set the tone for the entire project.

Ceramic Wall Tile

Choosing tile for a bathroom wall is a bit different than choosing the tile to be used in the other areas of the bathroom. The walls are probably the largest surface area and give you the most room to be innovative with your creation. Now is the time to think about what you want the dominant canvas of the room to portray?

The best way to do this is to imagine the feeling you want to experience each time you walk into your bathroom. Do you want to feel like you are stepping into an exclusive spa retreat? Then look for neutral colors in gray or beige that have a more natural appearance. If you want to feel like you?ve taken a step into an upscale hotel consider the classic look of an intricate mosaic. Once you have identified the feeling you want to evoke it will be much easier to pin down the design details for the walls.

Bathroom Floor Tile

There are two ways to approach choosing the ceramic tile for a bathroom floor. You could try to match the walls carefully or you can go for something that is entirely different. It makes sense to have the floor of the shower match the walls of the shower. Choosing the tile for the rest of the bathroom flooring is open to far more creative choices.

One of the most recent innovations in the tile industry is the development of ceramic tile that looks like wood. If you have wood floors in your home already and had given up any hope of extending them into the bathroom, this may be an excellent alternative. The colors of this type of tile closely resemble the most popular wood flooring colors. The tile can be so convincing guests will wonder how you prevent water damage to your lovely wood floors, never guessing they are tile.

Don?t Forget the Backsplash

The backsplash behind the sink or along the tub are a fantastic opportunity to insert luxury details into your bathroom design. A mosaic backsplash can create a feeling of being in another culture or time depending on the colors and patterns chosen.

Glass tile backsplash patterns are another choice. The modern look of glass can be paired with glass walls in the shower to give the entire room a feeling of luxury and elegance that is bright and open. When choosing ceramic tile for a bathroom backsplash, remember you won?t need a large quantity so even tile that is quite expensive becomes far more affordable due to the small amounts needed.

Remodeling and upgrading your bathroom should be an exciting adventure, not a dreaded endeavor. Take the time to become crystal clear on the feelings you want to evoke each time you step into your newly renovated room and then identify what elements generate those feelings in you. With that knowledge, you will have the treasure map you need to find the perfect ceramic tile for your new bathroom.

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