Custom Metal Carports to Free Up Your Garage?

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A garage is more than just a little building for your car. Take a second and think about the number of things you actually use your garage for — storage, projects, maintenance… even parties, if the lawn is called on account of rain.

Now think about being able to do all those things while still having a place for your car.

Many people think custom metal buildings and metal carports are just for storing boats or those bulky RVs that don’t fit in your regular garage. And while that’s certainly one of their uses, it’s far from their only use. All of the activities listed above can be performed in custom garage buildings, which you can locate virtually anywhere on your property, freeing up your garage to do what it was originally designed to do — protect your car from the elements and from thieves.

But conversely, outlying garage buildings can also be used to house and protect your car, and you can keep your garage space as a work station or storage building. Here are some of the main advantages of this setup:

  • Your workshop is attached to the house, so any home improvement projects are much easier to transport.
  • Garages are usually wired for electricity, right from the house line, so your workshop has all the outlets and lights you’ll need to get everything done, without needing to lay wire in outlying garage buildings.
  • By using your attached garage as storage, you can easily access the things you may need periodically, while still keeping them separate from the things you store in the house.

Without a doubt, the best option for your over-sized RV or antique cars is a separate metal carport, which will give you the optimal space for all your vehicles… but just remember, there’s more than one way to optimize a cat.

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