Debunking Three Common Myths About Solar Energy Systems

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If you’re looking into residential electrical work for a new home or an old home that needs a new system, now is a great time to consider investing in solar services. Solar energy systems don’t produce any negative pollution, and they can even help you save money over time.

But since solar energy systems are still a relatively new branch of residential electrical work, there are plenty of misconceptions out there that keep people from investing in this great energy solution. Let’s go through a few of these myths and debunk them:

  • Solar Energy Only Works in Warm Climates

    The temperature of a region generally doesn’t have an effect on how well solar panels perform. In fact, many solar cells are more able to convert energy when the temperature is lower. All you need for solar panels to work is sunlight. Since sun is the key, not warmth, you can get solar panels to work well in any climate that gets plenty of sunshine. The best solar installers will also optimize your panel placement to get the most energy out of them.
  • You Have to Compromise Your Quality of Life to Get Solar Panels

    When you install a solar energy system, your installers will also make sure to perform residential electrical work that keeps you connected to a power grid. This means that at night and on cloudy days, your home will still be powered, just not by your panels. You won’t see a dip in performance, and you’ll end up spending less on energy bills because you’ll need traditional power less often.
  • Solar Energy is Not Ready to Be Commercialized

    Though the solar energy movement is still working to gain traction in the mass market, the technology is already set for home use. Solar panels sold today are tested and reliable, and though they’ll only get better as the years go on, there’s nothing wrong with purchasing solar energy systems now.

Talk to your local solar installer if you have any lingering concerns about installing solar panels.
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