Do You Need a Locksmith? You Might in These 3 Situations

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Lost keys, broken home locks, and burglaries can all result in major inconveniences for home and car owners. You might not think that these things can ever happen to you, but the truth is that they can — and they usually require the help of a locksmith to get you back on track.

So why should you hire a locksmith? You might need one…

Because you lost your keys. Each day, we spend an average of ten minutes rummaging around for lost items. Behind things like wallets, IDs, and credit cards, keys rank among the top items lost by most people. One survey ranked house keys as the second most lost item and car keys third, but for others it may be more common to lose these if they don’t have a designated place in the home. If you’ve lost the keys to a home or car — or even something like a safe — make sure you call a locksmith to have the problem taken care of.

Because you got locked out. Whether you’re dealing with a broken key or you locked your keys in your car by accident, it’s easy for a lockout to happen to the best of us. The same goes for home door locks, as these can easily get jammed or face other problems that make entering your house impossible. As soon as it happens for you, make sure to call a locksmith, so you can have the problem fixed.

Because your home was burglarized. Lock picking is, unfortunately, very easy, which means that it’s even easier for a home to be vulnerable to criminals. In fact, one of the most upsetting things that can happen to a homeowner is to have it broken into and burglarized. The average burglary in the United States results in a loss of $2,185, according to the FBI. Yet losses along with criminal justice expenditures to prosecute the guilty parties can amount to as much as $20,000 total, according to research estimates.

One crucial service that you may need afterwards will be the installation of new locks and security tools, such as an alarm system, for your home should this ever happen to you. In the meantime, however, practice good common sense when it comes t protecting your home. roughly 60% of burglars use forcible entry to get into a home, but another 30% enter through an unlocked door, window, or other entryway.

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