Does Routine HVAC Maintenance Result In Lower Energy Bills?

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How often do you have heating service? While heating and cooling systems (HVAC) that run efficiently still need a routine inspection twice a year, many homeowners fail to request heating service until a problem appears. Insufficient maintenance can result in a machine that operates poorly, increased energy bills, and in some cases even mold growth.

Why HVAC Maintenance Matters.

Your HVAC usage depends on the climate your home resides in, and as such there is some variance in common problems depending on your region. For example, while a homeowner in Arizona may rarely run their furnace and therefore rarely need heating services, another homeowner in New York may run their furnace so often in that they need heating service every fall and winter.

However, if the unit is an HVAC then the maintenance procedure will be the same. The key to remember is that an HVAC unit is a machine, and as such requires maintenance. Without regular checks, you won’t know what is going on inside.

How to Know If Your HVAC Unit Is Not Operating Properly.

It can be difficult to determine if an HVAC unit is running as efficiently as possible unless a routine maintenance procedure is performed. A unit that is not operating properly is much easier to diagnose. There might be a clanking sound or screech coming from the machine. The smell of mold, or perhaps burning, might be present. It is likely that the machine will put out an unsatisfying amount of warmed air. Essentially, an improperly operating machine is obvious because it will be a source of frustration.

Does Efficiency Equate Energy Savings?

When an HVAC system runs inefficiently, it means that the machine eats up more energy just to do its job. That extra energy usage shows up on the monthly utility bill. Over time, the machine will need extra energy yet perform more poorly. The simple solution is to schedule heating service to check out the inside of the system. Things like dust, mold, low fluid levels are easy to prevent ahead of time as they are cumulative problems, not sudden accidents.

Routine Maintenance Doesn’t Need to Take Up a Lot of Time.

It is recommended that well-maintained machines need to be serviced twice a year. The website Energy Star recommends for filters to be changed every one to three months. But these recommendations are for HVAC units that are working well. Machines that are not regularly serviced will need more work, which will likely require a longer session with an HVAC technician than a routine check. Even so, once a system is brought up to speed it won’t need as much attention during the next check.

The HVAC technician will check to see that the unit was installed properly, which can actually decrease the unit’s effectiveness by nearly 30% or more. Next, they will open the unit up to flush hoses, clean coils, check fluid levels, and examine the fans and belts. This helps cut down on the likelihood of an unexpected malfunction. It is always better to replace a worn-out belt before it breaks, then to go without heat for a few days while you wait for service.

Our HVAC units pump air throughout the entire house. Keeping this hardworking machine running smoothly helps us live in comfort year-round. The best way to make sure your HVAC unit can do its job is to check up on its inner workings on a regular basis. To take the guesswork out of maintenance, simply arrange an ongoing routine schedule.

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