Don’t Be Afraid to Go For the Green In Your Yard With a Landscaping Company

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Some people are just born with a green thumb and….some really aren’t. If you’re one of those people whose plants die within days, you’re probably facing your backyard with some kind of frustration. Investing in landscaping is a great way to boost your home’s resale value and can also bring some peace of mind and joy to you and your family as well. Being surrounded by plants and trees can often be soothing and provides a beautiful aesthetic for those around you. If you’re worried about how to create beautiful outdoor living spaces out of your backyard, you should consider contacting a landscaping company, who can work some green magic on your yard.
So What’s the Big Deal About Landscaping?
If you’re planning on selling your home, real estate agents love homeowners who invest in landscaping. In fact, around 90% of real estate agents highly suggest landscaping be cultivated before it goes on the market. Having quality landscaping can also cut down the amount of time your house is out there on the market — by as much as a month and a half sometimes! The resale value can increase to almost 15% and the property value goes up by 12%. People looking for homes also treasure green spaces, especially in urban areas. Almost 65% of those surveyed said that they wouuld pay more for a living space that either had green spaces or were located near a green space.
If you’re not planning on moving anytime soon, but want to invest in landscaping for aesthetic or pleasure purposes, you’re not alone! Over 50% of homeowners who have redone their outdoor areas spend over six hours there, relaxing, gardening, or entertaining. It becomes another useful space, instead of just a lot of grass. Around 75% of respondents in a Harris Poll for the National Association of Landscape Professionals said that they valued (and found important) time outside spent in their yards. And with over 80% of Americans valuing yard space and 90% believing that it’s important to keep it well-groomed, that’s not surprising.
What Sorts of Things Can I Do With My Yard?
A landscaping company may well draw up a landscaping design that will best fit your space. Whether you have a postage stamp backyard, an average sized backyard and front yard, or a sprawling open space, they’re sure to find perfect ways to maximize the space you have. Over 90% of people who plant in their yards choose plants that would grow in their region anyway for a more natural look.
Other than adding plants, trees, and other shrubbery, a landscaping company might suggest utilizing your space for entertaininment or relaxing as well. Paving certain areas to build a patio or deck or a better walkway up to the house or a small terrace are some popular options among homeowners. Some may want to put in full scale flower gardens or vegetable gardens, especially if they have a lot of land.
If you have a yard, use it! You can derive so much pleasure from your green space, however small or large it may be. And there are plenty of resources available to help you make it the best it can be.

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