Epoxy Pipe Lining Saves Time and Your Lawn

Trenchless pipe repair boston

Homeowners who’ve had their sewage pipes replaced know how big of a hassle the process can be. Under conventional methods, large trenches are dug in order to reach the pipes buried deep underground. This can cause serious damage to a house’s landscaping work as well as any patios, decks, canopies, or other installations found in many American yards. The damage can be so extensive that homeowners are often forced to pay more for restoration work that has nothing to do with the sewage pipes themselves.

Fortunately, there is a relatively new method of pipe repair that avoids digging large trenches altogether. Trenchless pipe lining uses state of the art technology that uses existing pipes to draw the new line in rather than replacing them outright. Epoxy pipe lining uses special malleable pipes that are jointless and seamless. Able to fit into the narrowest of sewage pipes, these cured in pipe placements are inserted into existing pipelines via a small incision made in one’s yard or home (such as in the bathroom, which is already connected to the sewage pipe). Once it’s put in place, the new pipe is inflated and effectively serves as the sewage pipeline.

Overall, trenchless pipe replacement is a novel and unintrusive method of replacing sewage pipes, which as any homeowner will tell you are one of the most important features of a home (for obvious reasons) as well as one of the most difficult features to fix. Trenchless sewer repair ensures that your yard, deck, patio, etc. remains intact. No more trenches. No more massive piles of dirt. No more restoration costs. Amazingly, this method, despite having been on the residential market for over 15 years, is relatively unknown. Seventy eight percent of people according to an Angie’s List poll have never heard of “no dig” technology for pipe replacement.

Pipes older than 40 years old are prime candidates for replacement or at least inspection. For more information about epoxy pipe lining, feel free to leave a comment or question at the bottom.

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