Finding the Right Deck for Your and Your Home

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How can you add outdoor space to your home where you can relax and enjoy fresh air with friends and family? Not surprisingly, many homeowners end up opting for a deck. Every year, the industry for decks in the U.S. has grown by about 5%. Decks add resale value to homes, and allow people to enjoy their backyard with greater ease. Many decks are customized in order to fit the specific needs of homeowners.

If you are thinking about getting a deck, there are multiple styles, designs, and materials to choose from. What’s the right fit for you and your home? Here are a few details worth considering.

Popular Deck Designs

  • Traditional is probably one of the most popular deck styles, especially for people interested in wooden deck designs. It’s a cottage-esque style characterized by soft corners, trim moldings, and octagonal posts.
  • Contemporary decks are perfect for more modern home architecture. In many designs, the sleek and simple look is achieved by running stainless steel cable rails between PVC or metal poles. The materials used are frequently low maintenance.
  • Colonial style decks seamlessly blend well with many two-story homes. The design style is very symmetrical and usually incorporates decorative post caps, as well as white moulded railings. It’s not unusual to see built-in benches or pergolas paired with colonial.

Popular Materials for Outdoor Living Decks

  • Wood remains one of the most popular materials for decks, not surprisingly. It has a traditional, rich look that matches well with most homes. Pressure treated wood will last longer, and will warp less.
  • Composite has been gaining in popularity over the past several years, and now represents 10% of the decking market. Made from wood and plastic-like fibers pressed together, composite doesn’t rot or split, and is less susceptible to UV damage. Unlike wooden decks, it doesn’t need repainting or staining.

The Prices to Expect for Residential Decks

  • According to HGTV, a midrange wooden deck costs about $10,500, while a composite deck costs about $15,500. The cost for your deck, of course, will vary depending on region, size, and level of customization.

Are you interested in composite or wooden deck designs? Let us know in the comments. Find more. Great references here.

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