Five DIY Home Remodeling Projects That Will Pay You Back

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If you’ve recently joined a wholesale club or are just a fan of online home stores, you might be itching to try your hand at some DIY projects around the house. We don’t blame you! That’s definitely part of the fun and excitement of online home stores and/or wholesale prices: DIY savings.
Since savings is the motivator, we compiled a list of five DIY home improvement projects that put you in a better position to recoup your money at resale time:
Wood window replacement
Homeowners who replace their wood windows recoup on average about 77 percent of the project’s cost when they sell the home, according to Remodeling Magazine’s annual “Cost vs. Value Report.”. Window replacement is appealing because it makes the home more attractive while increasing energy efficiency.
Steel entry door replacement
Homeowners who install a steel front door recoup on average nearly 129 percent of the project’s cost when they sell the home, according to the report in Remodeling Magazine. Part of this is because steel doors are less expensive than many alternatives, like fiberglass. It can also increase energy efficiency since steel usually has magnetic weather stripping.
Wooden deck add-on
According to the same report, homeowners adding wooden decks to their properties recoup roughly 80 percent of the project’s cost at resale time. The wooden deck’s appeal is linked to the ‘make-more-with-less’ aesthetic, popular with thriftier adults who are looking to save money by spending more time at home. A similar project built from composite materials can run 50 percent more, so the savings is in the wood.
Vinyl siding
Homeowners who replace their vinyl siding also recoup roughly 80 percent of the project’s cost at resale time, according to the Remodeling report. Vinyl siding’s curb appeal is substantial since it makes a house look new. Additionally, it’s low-maintenance and lasts up to 25 years. By comparison, houses typically need their exterior repainted every five to seven years.
Attic or Basement Bedroom
Remodeling Magazine’s report says that homeowners turning their dusty old attic or cob-webby basement into functional bedrooms recoup about 83 percent of the project’s cost when they sell the home. At around $49,000 a job, converting an attic into a bedroom is certainly more expensive than replacing your front door. But when it comes to adding new livable space to your home, building an attic bedroom is often easier on your budget than the alternatives. A family room addition, for example, can run over $80,000.
Enjoy your online home stores for all your DIY project needs, but don’t forget to take good measurements. When you buy home products online, whether home furnishings or home improvement remodeling materials, that last hassle you want is to have return things and/or wait for exchanges in the mail. For some of these items, a local wholesale club will be a great help and may also be a great source of discount furniture.
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