Flooding doesn’t have to mean an end to your carpets

Fire damages

Now that we’re moving from spring showers to the beginning of hurricane season, homeowners everywhere are getting concerned about the possibility of flooding. However, flooding in the home does not necessarily have to be caused by a traumatic weather event. Although the word “flood” invokes images of torrential downpours and tidal waves, more realistically a home may experience this event due to faulty plumbing. A burst water heater, the probability of which greatly increases when the appliance is five years old or more, can create extensive water damage in a home. Flood water damage is the more dramatic image, and makes for great television commercials, but most homeowners are far more likely to experience a burst water supply line or leaky bathtub. If you are unfortunate enough to have your home experience damage from water, a reputable carpet restoration service can revitalize those seemingly destroyed floor coverings.

Flood water damage to carpeting is so much more than an aesthetic issue. A waterlogged carpet can house up to 1,000 types of mold and mildew. Water intrusion on carpeted floors is one of the most difficult situations a homeowner could face. A carpet restoration service is more than a mold clean up service. When trying to rebuild after experiencing a flood, the last last thing you need is more destruction. Luckily a quality restoration service can work on bringing your carpets back to life without tearing the house up.

Water damage repair for your floor coverings eliminates the mold and mildew from the padding as well as well as giving them that just like new look. Carpet restoration service can reverse the traumatic effects of flooding and get your house looking like new again.

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