Four Reasons You Should Consider Getting a Privacy Fence

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Privacy fences are those tall, wooden fences that go all the around a home’s backyard, front yard, or perimeter. Though they might seem like a bit much, wood privacy fences actually provide homeowners with several different benefits. If they didn’t, then why would anyone get these wood fences?

If you’re on the fence about wood fencing, consider just how many advantages privacy fences afford.


Privacy fences can protect your pets and children from wandering out of the yard. Even if there’s no woods or other dangers out there, knowing that your child or your dog won’t get out of your yard is a huge comfort.


Privacy fences also provide a semi-shelter for your plants, and can allow you to add more landscaping elements to your yard as well. They can help your yard come to life, allowing you to transform your backyard into a secret, beautiful escape.

Noise Reduction.

Privacy fence can even act as a sound barrier between you and your noisy neighbors or their obnoxious, barking dogs. The key is to make sure that your privacy fences are tall, with little to no gaps, because sound acts like a liquid and travels through the path of least resistance. If there’s no place for the sound waves to go, they won’t enter your yard and bug you.


Last but not least, privacy fences provide, well, privacy. They can make sure your neighbors mind their own business, and also prevent their pets from wandering in to your yard and going to the bathroom there.

Privacy fences are also low-maintenance. All it takes to keep them looking good and in good shape is a quick wash every season, and perhaps an annual check for damage, rot, or algae, just to make sure the waterproofing is doing its job.

Though adding a tall fence around your yard can seem like a little much, it’s a good investment. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Continue.

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