Four Tips for Helping Your Pup and Your Lawn Coexist in Peace

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Dogs and landscaping don’t tend to hand in hand. Dogs have an innate desire to dig things up, and plants are things that have an innate desire to die if they’ve been dug up. In some extreme cases, the methods used in the lawn care process can be dangerous to the well-being of your beloved canine.

If you love both having a dog and a beautiful front yard, stay tuned for our list of dog friendly lawn care tips.

Four Tips for Dog Friendly Lawn Care

  1. Pay attention to what you put in your lawn.

    When looking at the packaging on many standard fertilizers and herbicides, you’ll often see a skull and crossbones along with a terrifying warning about how dangerous the product is if ingested. Many lawn care products are full of chemicals that force the vegetation in your front yard to do things that Mother Nature never intended for it. As in, grow unnaturally big. Or die. If you wouldn’t want to consume the chemicals in these products, you probably don’t want your dog to either. The difference is that, unlike yourself, your dog is actually inclined to eat foliage that has recently been sprayed with poison.

    As we like to say, organic lawn care products are dog friendly lawn care products. If you are interested in using safe lawn care (or at least safer lawn care products than you can find at your standard hardware store), look for eco friendly lawn care products.

  2. Set boundaries.
    As they say, “Dogs will be dogs.” If you don’t want your dog to behave like a dog, it might be advantageous to get a pet rock instead. That being said, one way to maintain a nice lawn and a happy pup is to give your dog designated areas to be himself, and restrict him from going in areas that you want to be beautiful. Create a boundary from areas that you want to train him from going into with thick or heavy foliage. As with anything you want to train your dog to do, give him a treat when he abides by your rules, and admonish him when he crosses the line. Dogs are smart; they’ll get it quickly.

  3. Potty train your dog.
    The urine that dogs produce has such a high alkaline content that it will quickly kill your beautiful plants. In order to teach your pooch to do his business in a spot that is not your tulips, put a tall structure in your yard (think of the impact of a fire hydrant). When it is time to do the deed, lead him to his designated pee spot. When he does it, reward him with a treat. Once again, dogs are smart; they’ll get it quickly.

  4. Set up a doggy play place.
    One great way to maintain your beautiful lawn is to make the areas that the the puppy can spend time in too interesting for him to care about your plants. Think of a sandbox for children; it keeps kids occupied for hours at a time (and out of your garden, if that is also an issue you have). You can use this same concept for your canines. You can literally create a sandbox just for your dog, or make it of more of a sand and soil combination, to make it more enjoyable for him to dig in. Put his toys in his digging box, and let him have the time of his life.

    If you are concerned with the visual impact that a doggy digging box will have on your yard, you can make it an aesthetically pleasing feature. Consider enclosing it with attractive bricks or pavers. Add lawn decorations or plants around it to make it interesting to look at. Of course, if you plant flowers around the doggy digging box, it might send a mixed signal to your fur-baby about how they should behave towards plants. If you have an aggressive garden destroyer, stick to garden gnomes and flamingos in the designated doggy areas.

Do you have any other great tips for dog friendly lawn care? Please share it with us in the comment section below!

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