Get a Sewer Camera Inspection and Save Your Property

Sewer camera inspection bakersfield

Typically, people are advised to replace their sewer lines if they are more than 40 years old. However, that doesn?t mean sewer lines are guaranteed to last 40 years, and many people may not even know for sure how old the sewer lines are on the property.

Scheduling a regular sewer camera inspection can allow you to have the condition of your sewer lines inspected without digging up any of the ground. Additionally, having periodic inspections done can allow you to be aware of when problems may be on the horizon. For many homeowners and businesses, they don?t realize there is an issue with the sewer lines until there is an emergency.

Waiting until there is an emergency may mean more cost, more frustration, and more property being torn up. It also takes away the time an owner would typically spend researching their options. Many home owners don?t even know there are trenchless methods that can save them aggravation and preserve their landscape.

Trenchless methods like sewer camera inspection have been available for residential properties for 10 to 15 years, but many homeowners are still unaware. In a recent study, approximately 78% of respondents said they had never heard of ?no dig? options when it comes to inspecting and fixing sewer lines.

Further, 73% of respondents stated they would pay more for trenchless sewer pipe replacement just to protect their landscaping, patio, or outdoor area. Trenchless options can cost 30% to 50% more than simply digging up the pipe. However, the total costs may still come out less because you won?t have to spend any money fixing your property. Depending on where the pipe is an how much has to be torn up, the restorative costs can get high.

Trenchless sewer repair can save you as much as 90% of the grounds, driveways, and landscaping from being pulled out or destroyed. Trenchless options can also keep electrical, water, and gas lines from being damaged during the repair. A seemingly simple digging sewer repair can turn into a major problem once the ground is dug up and they can see what they are dealing with.

Cracked or broken sewer lines can result in flooding, backflow, or sink holes among other things. If the lines aren?t inspected, these problems can arise with literally no warning. All of the sudden, you have sewage and waste water backing into your house or collapsing a part of your yard. Sewer lines can crack and break as a result of age, accidental damage during renovation or landscaping projects, or from tree roots. Any plumber can tell you that tree roots are the most significant threat to sewer pipes, and the older the pipe, the greater the risk is.

Even if you are sure the pipes coming out of your house are relatively new, they may be connected to pipes on your property that are much older. It is also important to know what sewer pipes you are responsible for and what pipes the city or municipality you live in is responsible for.

To protect yourself from a financial disaster, significant insurance claim, and a torn up property, get a sewer camera inspection done. A video inspection will provide sure-fire leak detection because the plumber will be able to see the leak, where it is located, and how bad it is. Find out the condition of your sewer lines and whether or not there is anything you should be concerned with.

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