Gun Safes Preventing Tragedies

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Depending on where you live in this great nation, you could have a wide range of opinion and depth of feeling about gun ownership and gun control. But one thing that people on either side of the argument can agree on: homes with guns need gun safes.

Sadly, the stories aren’t hard to find — a child finds an unsecured gun, and a horrific accident or terrible tragedy occurs. Should children be educated on the dangers of firearms? Absolutely. But the younger the child, the less effective those lessons might be — it is a child’s job, after all, to explore their world and interact with it. The only sure way for a child and a gun to safely coexist in a household is if that gun is locked securely away.

Gun safes can be key-operated, combination locked, or even biometrically keyed to a thumbprint or handprint. The sky’s the limit when it comes to protection, both from external threats (thieves and intruders) and from curious little hands.

Concealment is also an option, as many gun safes can be built into a wall and effectively hidden behind paneling or artwork. Handgun safes are sometimes small enough to be placed on a higher shelf, where children can’t reach. Taller safes, for rifles and shotguns, can also have the handle and keyway placed higher on the door.

Biometrics and combination locks are easily the most child-friendly options, but they can also be the most expensive. Keyed locks are the most popular and affordable, but they present the difficulty of where to keep the key. Children are inherently clever, and if a problem presents itself (a locked cabinet or safe, for example), they will find ways to solve it. Make sure your key is either in a place that is simply too high for your child to reach (for toddlers), or in a location that your child doesn’t know about and never sees you access.

If you want more information, you local locksmith services can show you a wide variety of options to suit nearly any circumstance and space. Stop in today and see what you can do to keep your family safe from the things you use to protect them. Get more here.

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