Has Your Tub Run Out Of Time? Know These 3 Telltale Signs

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Old houses have a certain amount of charm, and that charm may inspire homeowners to put off remodeling, renovation, or home improvement projects as long as possible. But that’s not always a good thing — particularly when it comes to outdated bathrooms and bathroom fixtures that have just about had it. Here are a few telltale signs that it may be to replace or resurface bathtubs, among other things:

The Tub Is Stained, Peeling, Or Uneven

It’s true, a stained, peeling, cracked, or even tub doesn’t look pretty, but it’s also impractical. Stains that will not wash off no matter how persistently you scrub them may be an indication of bacteria that is lingering around in your tub. Plus, if they haven’t already, cracks and peeling areas can cause greater problems, like leaks, grime, rust, and mold buildup. The good news is that it may be possible to refinish bathtubs or glaze bathtubs, instead of replacing them altogether. Reglazing a bathtub can prevent leaks and erosion for up to 10 years. In minor cases, bathtub repair, using a polyester putty, may be enough to do the trick.

Leaks Are Normal And Frequent

Frequent leaks are a problem — and bathtub repair definitely be in your near future. Stubborn, ongoing leaks may result from cracked pipes, a fissure in the tub, or a problem with the seals on the tub faucet, knobs, or shower head. Talk to bathtub installers about your particular problem — and whether it is best to refinish it or invest in a new one.

You Plan On Sticking Around For A Very Long Time

A growing number of Americans are choosing to age in place. If you purchased your home with the intention of growing old in it, you may want to reconsider a house tub that shows obvious signs of wear. It may even be worthwhile to replace a perfectly functional tub. If you are serious about using your tub for years to come, install a tub with anti-slip surfaces, safety bars, and a convenient, side-access door.

It’s true: Old homes have undeniable charm. That doesn’t mean that they are immune to problems and some necessary renovations. If tubs are stained, cracked, leaking, or impractical to use, weigh the pros and cons of repair and replacement ASAP. See this reference for more.

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