Here’s Why Adding a Deck is the Best Thing You Can do for the Exterior of Your Home


If you want to upgrade your home, look to the exterior! Instead of spending thousands of dollars on interior additions, consider building deck to outdoors. Adding a deck to your home is a wonderful way to make a functional yet beautiful change that you’ll enjoy all year ’round! Here are three great benefits to doing so.

  1. Room to entertain
    The best part of adding a deck to your home is the increased entertainment space you gain. It?s not always easy to set up barbeques or patio furniture on the grass in your lawn; imagine having that extra surface area to create an extension of your house outside. Think of your deck as an additional room!
    The possibilities are endless for how you?d like to furnish your deck, depending on the main purpose it will serve. Many people like to create outdoor living spaces and incorporate fireplaces and lounge areas in their deck designs. Some even fabricate entire kitchens with small refrigerators and a dining area. Want to really amp up your space? Add a mini bar to your deck for the ultimate in outdoor entertaining.
  2. Increases your home?s value
    Adding any desirable factor to your home ultimately increases its value, and decks do just that! People are willing to pay more for the features they want in a home, like the outdoor entertaining space that you can create on your deck.
    U.S. News and World Report said in a recent article that a adding a deck to your house is one of the top five best home improvements you can do to maximize your potential return when reselling.Celia Kuperszmid Lehrman, deputy home editor at Consumer Reports, explains why decks are so desirable. Dining out or traveling can be expensive, so consumers are looking to save money by spending more time at home.
    She states, “since they are staying home they want to enjoy their exterior, they want to enjoy their outdoors.” Your deck can serve as a retreat from everyday stresses without ever leaving your home!
  3. Less expensive
    Other home improvements can be incredibly costly, but decks are a less expensive way to create an entire new addition on your home. Wood and lumber in general does not cost as much as steel, stonework, brick, or other building materials. Some composite materials can cost up to twice as much as wood! Of course, the cost depends on how big the project is, but wood is by far the most cost-effective method.
    If you have the skill, you can save even more money by building the deck yourself, however, it is recommended that you hire a professional contractor to do the job for you.

Well, what are you waiting for? Contact your local deck and landscape company today to start enjoying your outdoor living space!

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