Hiring a Window Installation or Roofing Company 101

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Just like people, the older a home gets, the more problems it tends to face. Roofs and windows are two of the biggest problem areas for homeowners to deal with. In the United States, the roofing company industry and the home window installation industry bring in a combined $53 billion a year. That’s a lot of broken windows and roofs!

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you along your way when you think it is time to fix your window or roof.

What to Do When It’s Time for a New Window:

  • It is fairly simple to tell when it is time for a new window to be installed in your home. You can tell if your window seal has failed if you begin to notice moisture, fogging, or cloudiness between the panes of glass.
  • Despite how easy it is to notice signs of a broken window, many people choose to leave them as is to either avoid a window installation cost or because they are genuinely unaware of the problem. Out of 5 million homes recorded in 2009, 23,500 were reported as being broken.
  • The cost of replacement window installation doesn’t have to totally empty your wallet. Talk with local companies in your area to compare window installation prices. These experts will give you valuable advice and present a variety of options to help fit your budget while still making sure that your window has been installed with care and will last.

What to Do if You Need a New Roof:

  • The older a roof gets, the less able it is to properly protect your home from outside elements. Tell-tale signs of trouble are curled-up edges and missing or worn granulars on asphalt shingles are signs that a roof has experienced damage, and may need repairs or replacement.
  • Many individuals want to just put a new roof over their old one instead of completely putting a new one in, but that’s a bad decision. Research from roofing experts show that your new roof’s life span can be cut by 20% if you put it on top of a preexisting one. As much of a hassle as it may seem, scrapping your old roof is a much better choice.
  • Getting a new roof will obviously be more expensive than replacing a window. However, once again, you don’t have to empty your savings for it. Check online and with friends and family to find a roofing company that will strive to present a variety of options to work with you and your budget while ensuring that your investment still yields quality results.

Have you had positive experiences with your window installation or roofing company? Share them in the comments below!

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