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Different types of keys

Did you know that if you rent an apartment or home, your residence is 85% more likely to go through a break-in? With over 2,000,000 burglaries annually reported, you want to make sure that your living space is the safest it can possibly be. Every apartment or home comes with a lock and key system, but if you live in a new or up-and-coming area, or an area you know that has pretty high crime statistics, you may want to take extra measures to protect yourself and your belongings. Alarm systems, a commercial replacement door with commercial door locks that are more burglary-proof, and knowing ways to make your house look occupied even while you’re at work or on vacation can all help increase your security.
How to Be Smart With Your Current System
Always lock your doors at night or if you leave your house unattended, even if you live in a more rural area with a small community. It’s always good to be on the safe side–if you’re inattentive and sure that nothing like a robbery could ever happen in your area, you could be more at risk.
Also consider where you’re hiding your spare key, if you do that. Under the doormat or flower pot is probably one of the first places a burglar is going to look for your spare. If you have a lot of different types of keys that you’re duplicating for guests or having keys duplicated for commercial use, make sure you know who they’re going to and that they come back to you.
You’ll also want to make sure your garage and windows are secure. Only a little over a quarter of burglaries occur with the burglar entering through the front door. Windows and side doors are easier to target and usually less conspicuous for a burglar. Commercial door locks can be a great option for garages, so talk to your local locksmith and see what he or she recommends. Go over all your locks and make sure everything is properly installed, especially with deadbolts, which can be a great and effective way to stay secure if installed properly. Unfortunately, over 10% of homes don’t have deadbolts that are installed properly.
Tips for Making Your House More Burglar-Proof
Consult Your Locksmith
If you feel like your home or apartment may be more at risk, go see a locksmith. He or she might be able to offer great ideas for better locks or security features. In any case, he or she can recommend the best commercial door locks to use on your windows, garage doors, cabinets, and safes.
Keep Your House Looking Busy
If burglars think there’s someone in your home, the chances are they won’t go in. They usually don’t want a confrontation–they want to get items and get out. If you work long hours or are planning on a long vacation, ask your neighbors to pick up your mail and go in your home to check around. If someone is scoping out your house and see a good amount of activity, that might be a turn off. Don’t be afraid to keep a few lights on in the house as well and if you have an automated TV, set it to turn on at points during the day when someone would normally be watching it.

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