Homeowners Beware Three Signs Your Foundation is in Trouble

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Most people don’t pay much attention to the foundation of their home until it becomes a major problem. Unfortunately by the time homeowners notice a problem, extensive damage has already been done, and costly cracked foundation repair is in order. Major foundation damage can also lead to wet basement problems, causing water in the basement and leaky basement walls. When all is said and done, homeowners can be left with a whole new set of problems when they neglect to keep an eye out for foundation issues. To avoid expensive cracked foundation repairs and the potential for further damage, homeowners should be not the lookout for these common signs of foundation damage:

  1. Door/Window Jams – Over time, homeowners might notice that doors and windows that were once easy to open and close have suddenly become more difficult to deal with. Door and window jams are not only annoying, but are also one of the most obvious signs of foundation trouble. As the foundation shifts, doors, cabinets and windows will start to misalign with their openings, making them harder to open and close. Homeowners who start to notice this issue should consider having a professional do an assessment of their foundation.
  2. Cracks in Walls – Another telltale sign of foundation problems are cracks in the walls. They occur most commonly in the ceiling, around door frames and in corners of the wall. Wall cracks are often a result of weak structural components in a home’s foundation, which means the foundation will need to be underpinned to give it extra support. Cracks often start off small and grow as the issue gets worse, so it is important to have professional foundation repair contractors look at the foundation as soon as cracks appear.
  3. Cracks in Basement Floors – Just like cracks in the walls, cracks in the basement floor often start off as little cracks but can turn into a big problem over time. Large cracks in basement floors are an indication that the foundation of the house has a settling problem due to unstable ground beneath the house. When this happens, it not only affects the foundation, but can also have a major impact on the structure of the rest of the home. It is best to call a professional help with the situation at the first sign of basement floor cracks.

Cracked foundation repair is a big, expensive problem, and it can cause all sorts of other issues throughout the home. To avoid the need for expensive repairs, homeowners should keep their eyes open for these signs of foundation trouble. Helpful links.

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