How to Be Safe During Your DIY Bathroom Remodel

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DIY, or do it yourself projects are very common in the United States. The trend began, perhaps, with the increase in DIY TV shows. Many people turn to completing home remodel and updating projects themselves because of the high cost savings. This allows them to install higher quality materials and to control almost every aspect of the remodel. Although DIY projects can offer homeowners many financial advantages, it is important to keep safety in mind. Some projects can be dangerous, especially if the necessary precautions are not taken.

Pull permits, when required
Permits are often required for certain home projects, especially in some larger cities. A permit is a document that states that the city has signed off on the project. If the project is too dangerous or does not make sense to the overall design of the house, it will usually be denied. Although it may be very difficult to get in trouble for not having permits, if found out, the homeowner could face many consequences.

The permits are important for safety, so ignoring permit requirements could result in a dangerous house project. Also, if a permit is not obtained for a required project, the remodel does not count in house value. For example, if 200 square feet is added to a house, it will not count in the appraisal or the resale value. The return on investment will be minimal. The new house owners may even be required to tear it down and hire a professional to complete the project.

Keep plumbing and electrical in mind
When planning the remodel of a home, the plumbing and electrical should be kept in mind. It is difficult to rewire and redo plumbing and electrical lines. This could also significantly increase the overall cost of the remodel. Instead, attempt to work a design around the existing plumbing pipes and electrical wires. Even the cost of moving the location of a bathtub could cost more than the entire bathtub is worth.

The best option during DIY is to leave fixtures and appliances where they are. Instead, attempt to update them. You can refinish the tub so that the coating looks like new, removing any cracks or blemishes. You can also add a new coating to recolor an outdated look. The overall look of the bathroom can also be updated with a simple ceramic tile job. A ceramic tile job can replace any broken or chipped tiles and is often a simple process, if it is put over existing drywall. If you are set on a new layout, consider hiring professionals for this aspect of the bathroom remodel.

Be realistic about abilities
Some DIY projects do require skill and knowledge. Before beginning a project, it is important to evaluate and realistically measure home improvement abilities. A person who has never even picked up a paintbrush may struggle with a ceramic tile job. They may also find a bathtub refinish job to be difficult. Consider the costs and the time involved in the bathroom remodel and weigh them against a remodel from a professional contractor.

Proper ventilation habits
Perhaps one of the most dangerous parts of DIY projects is the harmful products often used. Projects like refinishing bathtubs and ceramic tile jobs require the use of heavy glues and cleaners. Bathrooms are generally smaller rooms and the close distance mixed with the products can be especially dangerous. It is crucial that all areas are well ventilated, even when using regular paint. Some homeowners may also come across mold or lead based paint in their projects and a professional removal may be needed.

DIY home remodel, especially bathroom remodel projects, can save the homeowner thousands of dollars. To effectively complete a bathroom remodel, a careful plan should be made ahead of time. The homeowners should realistically evaluate their capabilities, and consider bathtub repairs and refinishes in lieu of new layouts. It is also important to remember that permits are often required and problems can occur that require a professional.

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