How to Keep Your Pet Store Smelling Fresh

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Your customers’ first step into your store is a lot like the first impression with a new acquaintance. In the first few moments, your customer makes all kinds of decisions about your quality, trustworthiness and whether they want to see you again. For many pet stores, the first impression leaves much to be desired. Here are some tips to keep your customers coming back.
Control the smell
Just because you sell all kinds of smelly food and maybe even groom dogs in the back, doesn’t mean that you can get away with smelling like an animal shelter. Hire the best carpet cleaning service even if carpet cleaning prices go through the roof. Cleaning service rates will more than pay for themselves in repeat customers. While you are at it, look into getting someone to come around and do janitorial work semi-often. Home cleaning service often offer business rates and they are sure to get all the weird places you’d never think of.
Keep a Variety
Some people want organic pet food. Some dogs won’t even think about eating that stuff. Pets, like people, run the gambit when it comes to their preferences. Stay stocked with a wide variety and make it easy for your customers to request certain things that they know their pets love.
Make it Fun!
There might be 10 pet stores within a 2 mile radius. How are you going to set yourself apart? One way is to build a community around your store. Get to know the pets that you carry supplies for. Give pet owners a space to display a photo of their pet. Maybe even have month or quarterly events. That way, people have a reason to choose you and only you.
Like you probably do, many of the best carpet cleaning service companies offer a satisfaction guarantee. So, get your place shining, full of variety, and ready to build community. Once you are there, the customers will have to come back for more!

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