How to Remodel Your Home for People with Disabilities

Bathroom remodeling in phoenix

Having a disability or living with someone with a physical disability can necessitate a number of changes to make everyone’s lives easier. Naturally, the first place these changes need to occur is in the home. But when it comes to making the bathroom handicap-accessible, you may not be sure where to start. Fortunately, by following a few basic bathroom remodeling design tips, your bathroom can be better suited to your needs in no time.

The first step to remodeling a handicapped bathroom
is to understand the basics of the space and the needs of the person who will be using it. Grab bars, for example, can be placed in the tub, in the shower, or by the toilet to increase accessibility. Likewise, if you or your loved one uses a wheelchair or a walker, you should ensure that the doorway and walkways are large enough for them to enter and maneuver comfortably.

The second thing to consider when you’re contemplating ideas for bathroom remodeling are standards of accessibility. These can be found with a simple internet search and can be a great resource for those contemplating bathroom remodel designs. Accessibility standards can set codes for everything from toilets, which are usually recommended to be at least 17 inches tall, to turning spaces.

The third step and final in creating a bathroom remodeling design is to discuss your plans with bathroom remodeling companies who have experience accommodating people with disabilities. Given their expertise, consulting with a contractor may give you some great ideas on how to properly design and remodel handicap bathrooms, as well as other spaces in the home. You can usually find a company that specializes in certain types of remodels in your area with a simple web search, as well as reviews of these same companies and their work.

There are many reasons you may want to remodel your bathroom: to increase your returns on investment should you ever sell your home, for example. But even if you don’t plan to move, remodeling your bathroom can have an important effect on you and your family, especially if one of you has a disability. By making your bathroom handicap-accessible, you are taking a step to improve the quality of life for all of your family members. If you’re interested in remodeling your bathroom and making your life easier, call a remodeling company to discuss your handicap-accessible bathroom remodeling design today.

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