How to Save a Life

Pool net

If you have a swimming pool in your home you have probably at least thought about, if not already installed, swimming pool safety fences. A surprising number of residential pools do not have a sense around the pool and it can be very dangerous for those around you. Having children in your home, whether they live there or are just visiting are the perfect reason to invest in swimming pool safety fences. We underestimate the chance or accidental drowning too much. Taking every precaution you can will make you or the visiting children’s parents be able to relax and have the peace of mind needed for a parent.

It the space of four years there was an average of 10 deaths a day due to unintentional drowning and about one and five of these people were children under 14 years old. Just because someone knows how to swim does not mean the shock of accidentally falling into a body of water will not affect them. Having a barrier around the pool will eliminate someone accidentally falling in.

Even a pool net cover will not be sufficient. In fact it can distress panicking person further and end up tangling them up in the water restricting their ability to swim to safety. However, a hard pool cover can be another layer in the protection of the people that enter your yard.

Although having a pool barrier is not required by law it is believed that they make pools safer, promote pool safety awareness and even save lives. However, keep in mind that the gate is not the only method to prevent drowning and can never replace adult supervision. If you have a pool, never let your child play outside by themselves even if the gate is closed. Children can be very adventurous and could innocently, climb the fence entering the pool area without your knowledge. On the other hand. Although they are not childproof, gates provide an extra layer of protection between the person and the pool. They can also give the supervising adult time to find the child, if they cannot, before something unexpected can happen.

Swimming pool safety fences need to encompass the entire pool rather then the house being one of the sides. It is recommended that fences should be a minimum of four feet high although as high as you can go is preferable.

Swimming pool sensing companies often offer door alarms for the entrances of the gates and will suggest to have self-closing and self latching devices installed also.

There are many different kinds of swimming pool gates that can be used. They can actually look very attractive in your yard, adding to the overall ambiance. From wooden latisse work fences to to a chain-link fence, there are so many options to fit your specific needs and wants. Just make sure to get the fence that will best protect your children.

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