How Using Natural Ingredients for Ceramic Tile Cleaning Will Change Your Life

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Did you know that your body is under attack? Right this minute, your body is in the throes of a war against toxic chemicals and foreign substances in the air you breathe, the water you drink, the foods you eat, the products you use to groom and care for yourself, the medication you take, and even the chemicals you use to clean your home. Pretty scary, huh?

Every chemical your body comes into contact with, whether it be through the skin, the lungs, or a body cavity such as your mouth, must be filtered through the kidneys and liver. These two organs are tasked wit keeping the blood clean, a vital task that is critical to maintaining the body’s health. Although both the kidneys and liver perform several other important functions, these two are among the most significant.

After a while all these chemicals being filtered from your blood can take a toll on your kidneys and liver. It can also be very taxing to your body and lead accelerating aging as well as a whole host of another chronic and acute illnesses. The solution?

Help an organ out!

Even seemingly small dietary changes, such as swapping processed, refined foods for organic, whole ones, and yield impressive results. Similarly, changing the way you clean your home can make a big difference!

Household cleaning products such as ammonia, bleach, and other harsh chemicals are extremely toxic to your body’s delicate mucous membranes. The best way to clean tile floors and to clean your home in general is to use safe, natural alternatives that are just as effective at getting rid of grime but are gentle on your body.

Sure, professional tile and grout cleaning services are able to restore ceramic tile and grout to a sparkling shine, but the lingering smell and residue of harsh chemical cleaners is simply not worth it. Besides, you can achieve the same results at home by using natural, household ingredients such as vinegar, lemon, essential oils, sea salt, and even baking soda. That’s right! These common, everyday ingredients are perfect for ceramic tile cleaning!

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