Keeping Your Pool Clean for the Best Results

Pool repair

Sometimes, it’s time to call a local pool cleaning service to ensure that your pool is getting the proper care and maintenance it deserves. If you are an owner of a pool, you may have thought about a pool service time and time again because caring for your pool in full can be very time-consuming and sometimes complex to figure out. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about a pool cleaning service or pool repair anymore, because these services are right at your fingertips in Florida, where everyone seems to own a pool of some type.

Did you know that swimming is the most popular activity among children and teens between the ages of 7-17 in the United States? It is also rated as the 4th most popular sport in the entire country. Because of this, if you own a pool, it’s sure to get its use. One of the main reasons why more people are adopting pools into their lifestyle is because swimming is shown to be great for your health, and people are starting to reap the benefits. In fact, an hour of vigorous swimming has been shown to burn up to 650 calories! Swimming is rated as one of the best cardiovascular exercises because you are moving against the water’s resistance, over ten times that of air itself.

Keeping Your Pool Clean

Swimming pool cleaning is of utmost importance to upkeep the life of your pool. 85% of the pools that you find on the market today use chlorine to sanitize them. Pool water should consistently be checked to make sure that it is clean and healthy for everyone who enjoys its use. A reading of acidity should be somewhere between 7.2-7.8, which is a range that is made safe for swimmers and helps sanitizes work at top efficiency to help with your pool needs. The chemistry of your pool should be checked somewhere between 1-2 times per week during the summer and once per 1-2 weeks in the winter. You should also skin your pool twice a week if you want to keep it cleanest.

A pool is a real commitment, and one that must be taken seriously for the life of your pool to continue balanced. A local pool cleaning service can ensure that everything is being conducted properly and that your pool will excel.

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