Landscape Design Ideas Increase Your Home’s Value and the Time it Takes to Sell


If you’re planning to put your house on the market, you may want to consider engaging in a bit of landscaping. In addition to increasing your home’s resale value by 14%, almost 90% of real estate agents will recommend that you make this investment before putting your house on the market. Furthermore, 97% of real estate agents report that landscaping is within the top-5 recommended home improvement projects.

Another benefit of having your grounds professionally landscaped is because this can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes your house to sell. When you spend just 5% of your house’s overall value on a good landscape design, it’s possible to receive up to a 150% or more return on this investment.

In addition to wanting a house with curb appeal, many prospective buyers want a landscaped yard, complete with outdoor living areas. A survey was recently conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of the National Association of Landscape Professionals. The results showed that 75% of the 2,035 adult participants feel it’s important to have a yard where they can enjoy spending time. It goes without saying that these yards should be well-maintained.

As a result, more than half of American homeowners are upgrading their outdoor spaces so they can enjoy spending more time outside relaxing, gardening, and entertaining. Shade trees, raised plant beds, and retaining walls are just a few of the landscape designs that they may be choosing.

If you’re thinking about adding shade trees to your yard, you may be interested to know that they can reduce summer air conditioning costs by 25% or more. During the winter months, many types of trees can also provide a wind shield, which can assist with reducing heating costs by 10%. As a result, having shade trees surrounding your house may prove to be an excellent selling factor.

Have you already determined your landscaping budget? You may be interested to know that 56% of a recent survey’s homeowner participants stated that they planned to spend $10,000.000 or more for professionals to handle their outdoor projects. However, just 65% of these homeowners actually spent that amount on their recent projects.

Whether your house’s surrounding grounds are flat or sloped, there are a variety of retaining wall designs from which to choose. You can have a retaining wall installation constructed of poured concrete, stones, bricks, or other materials. A retaining wall installation can also provide a central design feature. You may want to have a retaining wall to create an outdoor seating area or to provide terracing for flowering plants and other types of foliage. When you meet with a landscape designer, they will have a variety of retaining wall installation ideas for your outdoor spaces.

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