Landscaping Tips From the Pros

Duluth minnesota landscaping ideas

Is your lawn in desperate need of a face lift? Maybe you are finally ready to have a backyard worthy enough of hosting the families 4th of July celebration this year. The great thing about landscaping is that your options are endless. Here are just a few ways to liven up your home’s outdoor space:

1. Trees – Not only are trees beautiful to look at, sit under, and swing on, but they provide tons of benefits to your lawn! The EPA recently said that trees can reduce noise by up to 50% and mask them with relaxing sounds. Did you know that trees can also save you money? They can reduce your home?s summer air-conditioning costs by up to 50%! This is primarily because the density of the tree can block nearly all sunlight and about 75% of its heat. Are you convinced yet? You may be planting a tree in your yard before you know it!

2. Ponds – Another beautiful landscaping trend is backyard ponds. Some people really enjoy the sound of water whether it is falling over a water fall or just moving with the wind. If you are one of those people then perhaps you should speak with a local landscaping company about having a pond installed. Ponds can come in all shapes and sizes and can be hospitable for fish and water plants. Koi ponds are extremely popular because the fish are beautiful, fun to feed and watch, and also have long life spans. Jazz up your back yard with a gorgeous pond today!

3. Fire Pits – Do you ever feel the urge to go camping or cook s’mores over an open flame or even to just hear the crackle of an outdoor fire? So many of us do, but when you live in a city that isn’t always an option. With outdoor fire pits it is always an option! Fire pits can range in their design as well as what they are made with. You can purchase stand alone fire pits at any outdoors store, but you can also utilize local landscaping services to build a specific one for you.

Whether you just need some landscaping tips or you have a project in mind that you want completed in a timely and efficient manner experienced landscapers are the ones to call. They are a great resource to have when it comes to questions you are facing about your lawn or even how to fix a problem that came up out of the blue. Trees, ponds, and fire pits are just three of the many projects that landscaping companies can offer. They also have the ability to handle regular landscape maintenance, planting, patios, driveways, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, sodding, seeding, etc. Contact your local landscaping company today!

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