Ohio School District Plans Energy Efficient Pool Heater Installation Project

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Many homeowners are aware that installing the correct central air conditioner and furnace, as well as taking proper care of the devices over time, can drastically reduce their energy bills while still keeping their family comfortable. However, few realize that the same can be said for their pool heater installation and pool heater repairs. Fortunately, an Ohio School District has reportedly come to this realization and started to make some changes. Thanks to a number of changes, the district hopes to save thousands of dollars every year while maintaining their current energy usage.

In April 2015, Oak Hills Local Schools in Tipp City, OH announced that will be partnering with Energy Optimizers USA to launch a $4 million energy conservation project focusing on 11 district buildings. Assuming that the district’s energy usage and utility rates remain at their current levels, the district expects to save at least $373,835 a year after the changes take place. Energy Optimizers also hopes to educate students about energy management, careers in STEM fields and other related concepts while the project is ongoing.

The collaboration will improve a variety of school buildings, including the district’s central office and bus garage, by adding more efficient lighting, energy-saving kitchen equipment, better heat management systems and more. However, the biggest change will take place at Oak Hills High School, where a pool heater installation project will use a solar thermal system to maintain the pool’s temperature. These changes are expected to significantly improve the control and reliability of the district’s HVAC and lighting systems, while also reducing operational costs and the need for HVAC repairs.

In order to pay for the pool heater installation, HVAC installation, lighting changes and more, the district plans to issue debt payments of about $330,000 over a 15-year period from its Permanent Improvement Fund. Fortunately, school officials and area tax payers will be able to keep a close eye on the project to ensure that it remains a worthy investment: the project will also integrate an Energy Star Portfolio Manager system to model and track the district’s energy usage and performance over time.

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