Reduce Germs And Increase Your Bathroom’s Lifespan Refinishing Your Tub

Bathtub installers

Have you found yourself a little hesitant to use your bathtub as of late? Finding a few too many cracks or stains that make it unappealing to use? You’re not alone — bathtub refinishing is one of the most common household projects among Americans, for reasons ranging from aesthetic to functionality. The average bathtub refinishing cost is affordable with long-lasting results and sure to restore any bathroom to its original (or better!) splendor. Below I’ll list a few quick facts about bathroom installers and bathtub repair so you can get on the fast track to a bathroom you want to use, not avoid!

Why Should You Clean Your Tub?

Did you know damaged bathtubs can be a massive breeding ground for dirt and various kinds of germs? Yuck! Cleaning your tub is more than just making it look good — it keeps it clean while it keeps YOU clean! Filling in cracks eliminates common sources of bacteria growth, which are exacerbated by moisture and small, tight spaces. While chips, stains and scratch can accrue over time, it’s both easy and quick to reverse with refurbishing. So what are some other benefits?

Benefits Of Reglazing

It’s far cheaper to reglaze your bathtub than to buy and install a new one — the average bathtub refinishing cost ranges from $300 to $400, compared to the much higher $800 to $1,000 of a new tub. Not only that, but a refinished bathtub is often easier to clean than the original product. The chips and cracks are usually repaired with a type of polyester putty that lasts long and looks good. If you’re feeling particularly bold, you can even get a brand new color coating or texture to make your tub look brand new! So how can you take advantage of this?

Where Should You Start?

So a reglazed bathtub is cleaner, prettier and can last a long time. So where can you get a bit of this magic? You can call your local bathtub refinishers and tell them what you need to fix in your bathroom. The average refinishing service only takes 3 to 4 hours on average to do and will cure in a day or so. A reglazed tub can last up to 10 years and can even be coupled with other services, such as replacing a missing tile or faucets. Now that you’re keen on the clean, who are you going to call today?

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