Six Styles of Residential Fences

Long fence decks

When looking to improve the curb appeal and value of a home, there are many options a homeowner can choose as an investment option. One of the easiest, and most obvious, choices would be installing a fence, but this will only help improve value and appeal if right fence style is chosen. There are many fence styles choices, and a bad choice can detract from a home’s value. Advanced research and consideration can prevent the occurrence of a bad decision. To help begin that research here is an overview of six different residential fencing styles.

  1. Chain Link: This was the typical choice in the 50’s and 60’s. It is a utilitarian option that has fallen out of favor. This is only a good choice for a homeowner living in a neighborhood where this already is a highly used fence type. On the positive side, though, technology has improved to the point where it is a cheaper option than it would have been in the 50’s.
  2. Wrought Iron: This option has a charm to it that works well with older or historic homes. It definitely is a costlier option, and there is a risk with newer methods of making this style of fence. Most wrought iron today actually is hollow and not by definition, wrought iron. It also is not made to the same standards and usually will end up rusting. Depending on the climate of the home, this could happen in either years or decades. This makes it a rather unappealing choice for most.
  3. Ornamental Aluminum:This is cheaper, and less potentially doomed, alternative to wrought iron. It is also a more versatile choice of fence styles because it comes in many colors and heights, making it very landscape friendly. Aluminum is the cheapest option of metal fences and can be purchased with a lifetime warranty.
  4. Composite Fence: For the greenest choice, this is the clear winner. These fences are created from recycled wood and plastic, turned into boards for what is a very low maintenance and durable choice. It is costly, but a long-lasting fence that is a good return on investment when chosen appropriately
  5. Privacy Fence: Generally, these are made of many materials, such as pressure treated wood, cedar, and even vinyl. They are a popular choice, too, with 80 or 90% of all zoning applications for fencing being for a privacy fence. Because there are so many options on materials, this choice can fit into many budgets.
  6. Picket Fence: No other choice of fence styles has so much symbolism behind it. The white picket fence always seems to go hand in hand with the vision of the American dream. As a result, it does have an appeal with a far broader range than any other. However, it is not appropriate to every type of home or price level, so should not be chosen simply based on that appeal.

Knowing the varied options before even contacting a residential fencing company better prepares a homeowner when investing in their property. If a home-owner researches their options and chooses the best fence for their home, fences absolutely can enhance the value and appeal of a home.

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