The 5 Components You Need for a Luxurious Home Library

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Nothing can beat the ambiance of a beautiful home library. We’ve all seen those luxurious, wood-paneled libraries (in the movies or on TV, if not in real life). But what if you want to build one of these old-world libraries for yourself? Here’s what you’ll need to pull together for a complete look:

  1. Built-In Bookshelves

    A library needs books, and you’ll want to store them in style with custom built bookshelves, if possible. You can buy pre-built bookshelves that look nice, but they’ll always leave awkward gaps at their sides and tops (and their flimsy shelves always seem to end up warped as soon as you put hardcover books on them). By going with a custom option, you can also incorporate closed-door custom wood cabinets to store less glamorous items such as office supplies.

  2. A Cozy Wingback Chair

    You’ll need somewhere to settle in and read or do other work. Splurge on a leather wingback or club chair, and don’t forget an ottoman or footstool to go with it.

  3. Hidden Tech Capabilities

    Libraries aren’t just about books these days — they’re about computers, too. In order to get all the conveniences of modern technology without ruining the look of your room, consider custom made cabinets that hide screens and allow you to charge devices inside closed drawers.

  4. A Gorgeous Fireplace

    With all the new fireplace inserts that are available these days, it’s no longer a daunting project to install a fireplace. Some don’t even need chimneys or vents! Custom fireplace mantels made of rich wood are most traditional, but you can also choose striking natural stone or antique tile surrounds.

  5. Custom Gun Cabinets

    Even if you don’t hunt or go shooting for sport, custom gun cabinets are a great way to display antique firearms. Of course, if you are considering displaying any sort of working firearms, you’ll need to consider security options so everyone stays safe.

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