The Perks of Maintaining Your AC Unit Now

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By now, it is likely that you have not touched your air conditioning unit in many months. You have probably had the heating furnace running for weeks, attempting to warm your home. Your air conditioning service requirement is probably the last thing on your mind, and the last thing on your list. However, this is a common mistake among homeowners. Many wait until the first hint of warm weather to call for AC conditioning service, to find that it is many weeks, or months until it can be serviced properly. Consider having your AC serviced this month for a few reasons.

Less wait times

If you wait until spring for AC services, you will be just one on a long list of people who are also requiring AC services. You may have to wait weeks, just to get an appointment. If your AC unit requires additional repairs, or a full replacement, you may be forced to wait even longer. It can be well into the summer months by the time your AC repair is completed and ready for usage. This often results in a very uncomfortable summer.

Better prices

You will likely pay premium prices for AC conditioning service in the spring and summer months. There is a greater demand for AC repair services, so your AC repair company can charge more for air conditioning service. If you require a rushed AC repair service, you may even end up paying for that. The winter months allow AC repair service companies to take their time. During this time, they are also often low on business and may offer you deep discounts and coupons to gain your business.

Have your entire HVAC system inspected at once

In many states, temperatures are only expected to go lower. Your furnace will become even more important to the comfort of your home. Before it gets too cold, consider having your heating unit inspected for optimal functionality. Some air conditioning service companies also provide heating services. If you can find an HVAC company that offers both, ask about a deal for an entire HVAC inspection.

Your heating unit can be properly maintained and serviced before the extreme cold hits. Your air conditioning service unit can be repaired over time, and will be ready for heated temperatures come the spring and winter. Many U.S. homes could also benefit from regular maintenance, as only 42% of those using central air equipment service it annually. You will find that regular inspections and maintenance prolongs the HVAC unit and allows it to work for effectively.

Healthier breathing air

Your HVAC system works through the air ducts and air filters in your home. The winter brings dry air conditions, which often leads to increased allergies. When you have your HVAC unit inspected, consider having it cleaned out as well. Too many homeowners do not regularly change out their air filters. Changing out the air filters can improve the air quality of the home and can allow the HVAC unit to heat and cool the home easier. About 20% of the homes built during the 1980s have air conditioning equipment over 20 years old. These HVAC units often require more frequent filter cleanings.

Safer heating conditions

Cleaning out your filters and air ducts is not simply for cleaner air. Failing to clean out these items can actually be dangerous. In 2010, air conditioning, fans, or related equipment were involved in an estimated 7,499 reported U.S. home structure fires, regular maintenance and repair can prevent these fires.

At the end of summer, most homeowners turn off their air conditioning units and then forget about them. That is, until spring comes back around. Then they are left waiting many weeks for an Air conditioning service. Consider having your AC unit or your entire HVAC unit inspected and cleaned this month. You will find that the service is quicker, costs less, and is safer for your home. You may even be offered discounts on services, because air conditioning repair contractors are short on work during the long, winter months.

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