The Top 2 Places for Home Renovations

Historic home renovations

Home renovation and remodeling is all the rage thanks to the likes of HGTV and DIY shows. Everyone wants updated kitchens or open floor plans or great outdoor entertainment spaces. Of course, few homes are perfect. In order to get everything you want, you’ll need to consider undertaking the home remodeling process. Residential design and building options are virtually endless.

But, remember, you don’t have to tackle a whole home renovation in order to have a beautiful home. Focusing on key areas of a house that will make the greatest impact will ensure you make money on your home renovation and design investments. Before undergoing any major project, it is wise to hire professionals. Consider bringing on an interior designer architect or contractor that specializes in residential design and builds. They will help make sure your updates are done right.Baths

According to research, bathroom remodels are the most sought after renovations in the U.S. Bathroom remodels account for 78% of renovations, and they are an average return on investment (ROI) of 63.6%

Materials are of the utmost importance, when it comes to bathroom remodels. Because bathrooms are heavily traffic areas, where water is used, durable, mold-resistant materials are favored. Real stone and tile selection are preferred. Though they may be more expensive initially, they last much longer than cheaper products and hold their value.

If you have the space, upgrade your bathroom to include double sinks and separate shower and tubs. This is especially important in homes intended for large families. The presence of en-suite master baths is also a big selling point for homes when its time to sell, and an excellent use of remodeling funds.


An upgraded kitchen is one of the most important things people look for in a home. In a home improvement survey, 69% of those who responded chose to remodel their kitchen. Because renovated kitchens are in such high demands even minor renovations, like painting cabinets or adding new hardware have a 73% ROI.

Like with bathrooms, successful kitchen remodels rely on the proper material choices. One of the most important choice in kitchen redesigns is counter top material. Current popular counters include solid surface, natural materials such as granite and quartz. Real wood cabinets and stainless steel appliances are also favored touches for upgraded kitchens.

If the space and budget allow, adding a kitchen island or expanding existing counters to include a peninsula is an excellent design choice. Most people prefer extra counter space for cooking. Similarly, upgrading old cabinets to taller models, or simply adding in extra shelving options adds much appreciated storage space.

Bathroom and kitchen remodels can prove to be daunting tasks. And because they often involve having to work with plumbing and electricity, you should always be cautious when tackling projects in these areas. It’s best to hire a professional, like a local contractor that specializes in residential design and building. They will ensure your work is performed safely and correctly.

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