The Top Three Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Screws

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There are tons of roof bolt manufacturers in the United States, but for some reason people do not have a lot of tangential knowledge about those roof bolt manufacturers. Carpenters and handymen know a fair bit about screws and bolts, but the layman probably just grabs whichever screw is closest to hand and hopes for the best. Here are three things you might be interested to know about screws, nuts, and bolts

1. Bigger is Higher

While bigger may not always necessarily be better, in the world of bolt suppliers, bigger is certainly higher. Screw sizes can actually be determined by a set of numbers; the wider and thicker a given screw is, the higher its corresponding number is bound to be. While the numbers may not appear on each screw, they do appear on the box, which can make shopping for screws easier if you familiarize yourself with the system. Never again will you buy a bag of screws only to realize they are far too long for what you want them to do!

2. Screw Thread has a Lot of Uses

The thread on a screw is traditionally used to let it burrow into wood or whatever is being screwed. Spinning quickly, the threads let the screw bore a hole into a material and wedge itself there. Some things come with the hole pre made though. In these holes, often found in electronics, there is a corresponding thread that the screw thread is meant to match up to. By changing the angle and depth of the hold, the manufacturer can ensure only his screws are used in the product.

3. Screws Weren’t Just Used for Tech

A long time ago, the number of things screws were used for was much smaller than it is today. Bolt and screw supply companies also made them for used in wine presses, olive oil presses, and clothes presses. If one did no know better, they might think this was an oppressive time. Bolt supply companies have vicariously had a hand in all sorts of businesses over the years, and that number is only growing. What do you think about the world’s dependence on modern screws? More on this topic.

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