Three Fences Guaranteed to Improve a Home’s Security

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There are several reasons why homeowners invest in house fences — to increase their curb appeal, improve their property value, or add some privacy to their homes — but one of the main reasons homeowners often build house fences is to protect their homes.

The only trouble is that some house fences provide more home protection than others, which means homeowners need to be careful when selecting which type of fence they’d like around their homes. Here are just a few types of house fences that provide the most protection.

Wooden Fences.

Wood fence styles, such as picket fences, offer more home protection than the average fence, simply because they’re difficult to scale. Since there’s no place to get a hand- or foothold, home invaders and burglars won’t be able to climb the fence, which means they won’t be able to get in.

Wrought Iron Fences.

Wrought iron fences also provide a quality amount of home protection for similar reasons as wooden fences — because there are next to no places to get a hand- or foothold. These metal house fences are also particularly secure, in that they often have adornments at the top which are usually rather spiky, making it even more difficult to get over the fence if they’ve somehow been scaled.

Garden Fences.

Although most people typically get garden fences to beautify their homes, these house fences can also help improve a home’s security by hiding thorny plants. That way, should a burglar ever try to get over the fence, they’ll fall into a trap, causing a ruckus and ruining their covert operation.

House fences serve a number of purposes. They can improve a home’s curb appeal, increase its property value, add some privacy to a yard, and even enhance a home’s protection, which is precisely what these three fences can do.

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