Three Great Options When You’re Shopping for a Bathtub

Walk in baths

Purchasing bathroom equipment can be a tough choice to make, but there’s no reason that it should be a choice you have to make blind. Here are three types of bathtubs you should know about before you think too much about purchasing bathroom equipment:

1. Walk In Bathtubs

Walk in baths have a lot of benefits, particularly for the handicapped. With one of these tubs, a person can enter the tub more safely, fill it after the water tight seal has been closed, or just shower with a handheld nozzle. This is convenient for folks that have difficulty climbing over the lip of a bathtub safely, whether it is because of some physical handicap or just a temporary injury, but it is also a nice option to have for anyone else.

2. Soaking Bathtubs

These soaking tubs are different from conventional tubs in one defining way: their depth. A typical tub only allows the typical person to submerge so much of their body in the water simply because of how long and deep they are. Soaking tubs, however, allow the bather to completely immerse themselves in water for more comfortable, relaxing, and thorough bathing. The extra depth, essentially, tries to add some depth to your bathing experience.

3. Corner Bathtubs

Corner bathtubs often come with the benefit of being larger than the typical tub. These tubs can often seat two people instead of just one; this allows a level of comfort and luxury that normally comes with the purchase of a much more expensive Jacuzzi without that exorbitant cost. For the thrifty shopper who wants luxury at a bargain, a corner tub may be the best bet. What tub do you think best suits your needs?

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